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Short StoriesEdit

We start today's story in Division 14 at the West Wing of the Hexagon in the Republic of The Nile. Steve Johnson is looking at photos of the Diablo current in the Indian Ocean taken by Estrada Rover from the moon. He says, "Look at this Jay. What does this look like to you?" Jay answers, "Well I don't quite know Steve, some island maybe its shaped like a banana." Steve replies, "You're right it does look like a banana, looks like we have found a new island." By now everyone is crowded around them. Sergeant Darren then comes marching out with a look of anger on his face that would make a little kid quiver. Sergeant Darren came marching out. He said, "What is all the commotion?" Steve answers quietly, "I found a new island near the Diablo Current in the Indian Ocean." Sergeant Darren then called the president, Mr. Quill, and said, "Yes Mr. Quill I'm proud to announce I Sergeant Darren have found a new large island in the Diablo Current." Mr. Quill said, "Stupendous." Steve was enraged and red with anger. He knew it was his discovery and that he deserved the credit for this new strange island. Mr. Quill then called the National Headquarters for Medicine. They volunteered Dr. Wirt and 500 emergency medical kits worth $500 each along with $25,000 in equipment. Dr. Wirt is the world's most well known doctor in the world and curer of cancer and the common cold. He then called a well-known Scientist who knows all that is known about plants animals Dill Greenwood. Greenwood discovered and successfully collected DNA from the first ever seen alive Giant squid along with discovering 300 types of edible plants and can identify every kind of plant or animal. He then called Angela Stone Sr. a world renowned Geologist from Kenya. He also called the World’s Greatest Mechanic Jack Steele who is a master of mechanics and robotics. Next He called Shelly Stewart a famous cook who knows how to make a meal from many things and can tell if plants and fruit are edible. Casey Vito

Poetry, Free VerseEdit

Poetry, StructuredEdit

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