Persons meditating in Chinatown, Manhattan

You will find many persons going to Yoga classes and similar places to learn Meditation. But, you can Do It Yourself.

An experienceEdit

There are many ways to meditate, but this is just one.

Turn all the lights off and light some candles. Light incense sticks to promote relaxation. Put on some background light music. Think about what you have done in the day, week, month and just relax. Close your eyes and breathe deep first in through the nose and out through the mouth while letting your mind go. Then once it is done clear your mind of everything and breathe.

When I finish I usually look into a candle and focus on the flame, not the fire. (the centre flame) It usually calms me. Once your done blow out the candles.

Something moreEdit

A method to prepare yourself for meditation

Get into a comfortable position (i prefer to be lying on a bed, or on a beanbag) and relax your body. Then move through a simple procedure of putting to sleep of parts of your body.

  1. Gently move and stretch that part of your body making sure that all of the joints and muscles are used.
  2. Now rest it and consciously put that part of your body to sleep.

Carry out these steps with the body in this order:

  • legs
  • feet & toes
  • arms
  • hands & fingers
  • body
  • neck
  • head

When the whole of your body is 'asleep', only your mind remains active and from here you can begin meditation.

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