DIY Develop Writing Skills is about learning and harnessing your writing abilities and improving the same. It offers helpful tips to make you a better writer and a better communicator. In today's world, with the emergence of electronic communications, the topic has become more significant, and we should be able to present our texts briefly and the same should be focussed.


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General Points

It is always helpful to remember certain points which are necessary to motivate you to develop writing skills. These points also indicate the importance of writing skills. Some of the points are:

  • It is not difficult to develop writing skills provided one id deeply motivated, practices regularly and analyzes the results.
  • Written language has remained important in business deals for long, and in today's world the written skills have acquired a more prominence position in the business world.
  • Written texts and other informations are generally circulated before being filed or being replied and hence such writings should be prepared with more care.
  • The E-mail is acquiring gradually a pivotal place in today's business, and is taking precedence over telephone as e-mails create records and are rather faster without disturbing the recipient's schedules.
  • Direct mail lists, databases, and similar set of information have acquired importance in today's business.

Dos & Dont's

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