Basically, an Outline Page of Do It Yourself Wikia is a Page which has just a lead line of few words or a paragraph of introductory content but a structured layout to add more contents. Such a page may cover a topic, a term, a talk or any other matter connected with Do It Yourself Culture. At the outset, an Outline Page shall contain minimum information, but it is an invitation to you to add contents. You are most welcome to modify the template sections to suit further developments of contents. Over a period of time, Outline pages shall continue to grow.

Outlines - Good or Bad

Taking a restrictive view, Outline Pages with a number of empty sections may look awkward to the readers. However, when the readers turn into an editor and start adding contents to the sections, the communication begins and the readers get the satisfaction of adding contents, his/her views on a particular topic or issue, and become part of the DIY Wikia Community. It is the most exciting part of an outline page, you feel to do something to share your experience - of Doing It Yourself!

Please plunge right now: there are many Outline Pages waiting to get appropriate contents.

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