Recognize Good Writing is a Do It Yourself practical exercise and guide to understand the quality of good writing, this helps you in becoming a good writer yourself. In today's world requiring written communications in various forms (print or electronic), one should be able to recognize good writing, and should be able to critically appreciate and analyze the same. One should be able to spot lousy writings, correct the mistakes, and should be able to avoid mistakes and negative traits in one's own writings.


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General Points

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Dos & Dont's

  • Always adopt a friendly and elegant style.
  • Present your points positively.
  • Keep the information presented brief and to the point.
  • Remain focussed.
  • Always revise your draft before sending the same.
  • Reading loud your writing is mostly good to check its tone and impact.
  • Never directly blame your reader in anyway, at least try to be discreet in all your comments directed towards your readers.
  • Avoid using complicated language; be simple and use simple words.
  • Do not send your communication built around a free flow of thoughts - your writing should be well structured and organized unless the context warrants otherwise.

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